Feeling better

Vince is feeling better now and although retired is very lively.  New guide dog Quasia is very energetic and she is doing very well on her harness.  She loves it when guests arrive and want to talk to her.  That is really the only time that Vince shows a little jealousy!  He doesn’t get cross with Quasia, he just tries to have his share of the guests attention by giving them his favourite toy.

The pool is very warm and fortunately Quasia quickly learnt that she is not allowed to jump in.  Both dogs are only in the pool area when I walk down to see our guests – often with a jug of Pimms or an ice cream on a hot day.  Our local pubs and restaurants offer good food but some guests like to BBQ or use their microwaves.  No need to travel too far when our lovely 28-acre private valley offers peace & tranquility.

It is best to book via our own website as you can easily select your favourite room after viewing the photos.