Vince and the Hedgehog!

Vince has now recovered from all his rather serious surgery but the good news is the results from the growth removed from his mouth are Benign – no cancer.  His “cosmetic” surgery a couple of weeks ago is now complete & some of my guests tell me that his lip twists a little which gives him an “Elvis” (Presley) smile!

He had his nose pricked by a hedgehog which came into the house!!  How a hedgehog managed to climb the steps into our little office I do not know!  Late one evening Vince was very excitable and seemed to be trying to pick up his toy gorilla.  Every time he bent down to pick it up he gave a little yelp.  I thought the toy was stuck under the desk so I bent down to pick it up and I gave a big yelp!  It was a very prickly hedgehog..  It retreated under the desk and Anne had to extract it the next morning & put it in a bucket.  She says it was pretty and she took it up into our woods and released it.  Hopefully when Vince goes walking with our guests in the woods he will avoid it. Anne and I then had to clean up the office so Vince could go back in there.