Vince is back Home!

P1020783Vince is back Home!

I took him to Holland for the weekend and he had to have a passport and travel on a plane from Bristol.  In Holland he had to travel on very different pavements and cobbled streets.  Bicycles seemed to rush at us from all directions.  Needless to say he was incredibly well behaved – an angel in fact!  He was given space next to me in the plane and lay down at my feet.  He was very popular on the plane!

The bluebells are at last showing their heads in our woods.  The weather is now getting warmer and in a few days time our swimming pool will be ready to open and to heat.  Hope the oil price comes down!! Here is the photo which is on his passport – it shows Vince in our woods.

In Amsterdam we had a lovely meal at a cafe called “Eat at Jo’s”  Mary Jo, the owner is a friend of my son in Holland.  If any of our guests visit Amsterdam I recommend that Restaurant.  Mary Jo has a sister Amy with good accommodation called “Sleep at Amy’s“.

Vince is going to be very happy soon as our guests Mike & Gina, then Jim & Sue, then Sue & Kate are all coming in successive weeks and he will have lovely walks & be given lots of attention.  Our Spring Breaks finish at the end of April but guests staying 7 nights have a 10% reduction still.