It has been a few weeks since we talked about Vince.  I have been waiting for positive news because Vince has had a big operation at the superb Veterinary Hospital, near Bristol.  He had a growth on his gum (which is called an Epulus) and there was a risk that it was malignant.  So he had CT scans and MRI scans and a 2 hour operation.  He had to stay in Hospital a while and it was so strange here without him.  After a gentle convalescence he is almost back to normal.  But he has to now have some ‘cosmetic surgery’ on his teeth.

The Biopsy results are positive so far and by the time his regular friends come back to stay he should be fine.  Happily he can now carry his toys around again.  Most of them have been ‘de-stuffed’; but that is his fun.

Our swimming pool is open and being enjoyed by guests.  It is warm to swim in & a very enjoyable place to sit and drink wine!  Vince and I and our friendly staff will hope to welcome guests old & new and ensure a lovely peaceful stay in our luxury accommodation.