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Autumn Breaks

Christmas will soon be here but we are still enjoying lovely Autumn weather and it is still unusually warm.  Never the less our current guests are enjoying the log-fires in their rooms as it makes for a very cosy feel and it is lovely to go to bed by firelight.

Vince and Quasia (my two lovely Guide Dogs) are still chasing Autumn leaves and enjoying welcoming our guests who are now here on our Autumn Breaks.

Just to remind you that we have very attractive Gift Vouchers available for a very special Christmas or Birthday present.  If you buy a two night stay which is valid for twelve months then the recipient will be able to book 3 nights for two until the end of April on our special Autumn and Spring Breaks offer.

This is a lovely Christmas present – phone for more details.

Autumn is here

Autumn is here and today our swimming pool was put to bed until next spring.

Quasia is finding Autumn fun and is chasing the leaves as they blow along the lane.img_0789-3

Here is a lovely picture of her with a large red leaf in her mouth!

Vince just watches her and prefers to lie down in the sunshine.  We have had some good spells of sun lately.

Our 3 for 2 Autumn & Spring Breaks have started, offering very good value and of course log fires in each room make your stay very cosy.  You can book on our website or of course telephone us .

Trip to the Beach

We all went to the Beach recently for a day trip after aimg_0783 very busy summer.

Vince and Quasia enjoyed their time beachat the beach with Vince digging and Quasia playing with her ball.

We are now getting ready for our Autumn and Winter Breaks that start in October and give a free night if you stay for two nights.  Hope to welcome you


The weather has been very warm lately and the pool has been constantly at 28 – 30 C.

It is very peaceful in our valley and the wildlife continues to surprise us.  The latest very amusing incident happened this weekend when a small Vole appeared on the window sill of our Art Deco room and decided to visit the room!  Possibly it was a female as she looked pregnant!She later appeared on the terrace outside our Craftsman’s Garden Room before running off.

Now Vince is fully retired he is getting very lazy and seems to enjoy his retirement but he puts up very well with Quasia, who is very energetic at only 2 years old!! .  But she very good on her harness.

Our current summer guests are all asking about our Autumn and Spring Break Dates when you can enjoy 3 nights fr the price of 2 – with the extra breakfast available if required.  All details are on our website or you can phone me to choose your room and book direct.  The breaks start on Monday 30 October 2016

Feeling better

Vince is feeling better now and although retired is very lively.  New guide dog Quasia is very energetic and she is doing very well on her harness.  She loves it when guests arrive and want to talk to her.  That is really the only time that Vince shows a little jealousy!  He doesn’t get cross with Quasia, he just tries to have his share of the guests attention by giving them his favourite toy.

The pool is very warm and fortunately Quasia quickly learnt that she is not allowed to jump in.  Both dogs are only in the pool area when I walk down to see our guests – often with a jug of Pimms or an ice cream on a hot day.  Our local pubs and restaurants offer good food but some guests like to BBQ or use their microwaves.  No need to travel too far when our lovely 28-acre private valley offers peace & tranquility.

It is best to book via our own website as you can easily select your favourite room after viewing the photos.